What Qualities Do Best Lawyers Have?


Lawyers are considered the spokesperson for their clients. Whether, it is new company registration, creating a will, or a property dispute, you will need them as these are all legal matters. So, if you are looking to hire a good lawyer that works on your behalf consider these skills.

Skills of great lawyer:

Excellent Communication:

The attorney you want to hire must have excellent communication skills, as he delivers your arguments. If he is not confident, or doesn’t know how to have better conversation, then how can he present your case in the courtroom.

Dubai Lawyers

It is said that "To fire a trigger, you must have the guts." So, great Dubai lawyers know how to speak in the general public and must possess good listening skills. It is a famous quote that "You can only communicate better, if you are a good listener."

Great lawyers are great writers too, which means that they are able to write clearly, as they need to write legal documents. Writing law documents is not a cup of tea; it requires a lot of practice and research.

Investigation and Research:

Good lawyers are the one that have completed their homework, by doing proper research and investigation. They must study your case properly; draw conclusions and logical facts from it, gather further data if required. They must know the whole case history of the client’s case.

He must know how to concise information:

If you have experience of court proceedings, then you must know that lawyers are provided a lot of information by their client. It is the skill of an attorney to know how separate the most important facts because the time of the court is very valuable. So, good attorneys focus on logical facts.

Creative skills:

A lawyer must be creative, meaning he must be able to look at the case from a different perspective. He can’t win the case, if he is dependent on the client’s provided data. Creativity helps in problem-solving as "Necessity is the mother of invention." So, he must be able to think outside the box.

A degree is not enough:

If an attorney has graduated from a law college, it does not mean that he’s capable enough. This profession requires you to work practically and prove yourself. It takes a lot of effort and time to establish oneself as a ‘great lawyer’.

Opposition party’s weakness:

a good lawyer is the one who is able to point out the opposition’s arguments. He can convert these weak points into more positive facts for his case. He must know his client’s weaknessess as well, and try to hide the deficiency points and try to highlight the positive factors.

Commitment is the main thing:

It is the quality a professional lawyer to stay determined and committed to his client’s case. He must be brave enough to face all difficult situations. He must be a good fighter, as his client is totally dependent upon him. So, determination is the key to get success.


The qualities mentioned above are just the crux of personal qualities of a good attorney. Passion, commitment, good communication, investigation are the qualities of great Dubai lawyers. So, hire the best legal representative as court’s decision might affect your whole life.