What Qualities Do Best Lawyers Have?


Lawyers are considered the spokesperson for their clients. Whether, it is new company registration, creating a will, or a property dispute, you will need them as these are all legal matters. So, if you are looking to hire a good lawyer that works on your behalf consider these skills.

Skills of great lawyer:

Excellent Communication:

The attorney you want to hire must have excellent communication skills, as he delivers your arguments. If he is not confident, or doesn’t know how to have better conversation, then how can he present your case in the courtroom.

Dubai Lawyers

It is said that "To fire a trigger, you must have the guts." So, great Dubai lawyers know how to speak in the general public and must possess good listening skills. It is a famous quote that "You can only communicate better, if you are a good listener."

Great lawyers are great writers too, which means that they are able to write clearly, as they need to write legal documents. Writing law documents is not a cup of tea; it requires a lot of practice and research.

Investigation and Research:

Good lawyers are the one that have completed their homework, by doing proper research and investigation. They must study your case properly; draw conclusions and logical facts from it, gather further data if required. They must know the whole case history of the client’s case.

He must know how to concise information:

If you have experience of court proceedings, then you must know that lawyers are provided a lot of information by their client. It is the skill of an attorney to know how separate the most important facts because the time of the court is very valuable. So, good attorneys focus on logical facts.

Creative skills:

A lawyer must be creative, meaning he must be able to look at the case from a different perspective. He can’t win the case, if he is dependent on the client’s provided data. Creativity helps in problem-solving as "Necessity is the mother of invention." So, he must be able to think outside the box.

A degree is not enough:

If an attorney has graduated from a law college, it does not mean that he’s capable enough. This profession requires you to work practically and prove yourself. It takes a lot of effort and time to establish oneself as a ‘great lawyer’.

Opposition party’s weakness:

a good lawyer is the one who is able to point out the opposition’s arguments. He can convert these weak points into more positive facts for his case. He must know his client’s weaknessess as well, and try to hide the deficiency points and try to highlight the positive factors.

Commitment is the main thing:

It is the quality a professional lawyer to stay determined and committed to his client’s case. He must be brave enough to face all difficult situations. He must be a good fighter, as his client is totally dependent upon him. So, determination is the key to get success.


The qualities mentioned above are just the crux of personal qualities of a good attorney. Passion, commitment, good communication, investigation are the qualities of great Dubai lawyers. So, hire the best legal representative as court’s decision might affect your whole life.

An Attorney To Protect You From And Prevent Punishment

The law and order of the places like Dubai are quite stern and intense, which means that in order to survive in these regions, one must completely abide by the law, and avoided any unlawful activity, so that the penalties can be avoided and losses can be either averted or minimized. But many a times the people fall a trap into these complications because of the unawareness or the use of unfair means because they do not have the proper information or knowledge about the right procedures or methods.  

Dubai Lawyers

While in this city, the dominant portion of its rules and regulations is derived from Islam, therefore its rules are a lot different than in other parts of the world, which means that in order to operate and perform legally in the region, one must understand right from wrong, and then find means not only do the right thing, but also to avoid the wrong ones. Here is how Dubai lawyers can help you achieve these goals with ease and less stress:  

  1. Proper documentation:

Government has its own sets of rules and regulations for proper filing of the documents and different related procedures, which means that It is important to follow those steps if one wishes to avoid problems like delay in the processing of the papers or rejection of documents due to lack of proper filing procedures. All of these problems can be avoided by seeking help from Dubai lawyers as they have the experience and knowledge about the documentation and filing procedure of the region.  

  1. Pleading:

Many people believe that pleading guilty is the only option available, but that is not true. A seasoned attorney can easily turn the directions of any case and can make things in your favor by proper pleading. 

  1. Avoid problem rather than solving it:

It is a wise approach to avoid the problem instead of solving it in the fist place. And by proper awareness of the rules and laws it becomes possible to evade the troubles that could otherwise cause you intense trouble and lots of money on solving the case. Having a trained attorney on board can help you make the right decisions and can also help you choose wisely, as they have the insight into the matters of the law and order and the implications of your actions.

Why Lawyers Should Be Consulted?

In an ever changing society we need to be aware of all the legal processes and laws which seems a very difficult task. This world is full of events and decisions that may be against the law. Some small legal matters can be solved without the need of anyone. But most of the situations like legal disputes, court challenge, actions or deals and for many other reasons we may need a lawyer to support us with the legal matters.

Advocates in Dubai

Importance of lawyers in UAE:-

In a city like Dubai where most of the population is from outside who don’t know about their legal rights and where any wrong dealing can be penalized. In a city where dealing can’t be progressed by negating or violating the law, lawyers are needed. You may be right in any dealing or haven’t committed any crime but still during the hearing in a court you may not defend yourself. This is the right time you should hire or take the help of specialized advocates in Dubai.

Reasons to hire law experts:-

There are several reasons where it’s mandatory for you to consult a lawyer and ask him to proceed the legal matters. By not taking the help or advice of a lawyer you may find yourself in trouble. These are the main reasons that emphasize how important it is to hire a lawyer.

Complication of laws:-

Any solid case can turn against you if are not represented by a lawyer specialized in the certain field. Don’t try to be a lawyer yourself if you don’t have any knowledge about it. If you don’t consult a lawyer in any business complications like signing a contract, acting as a guarantor or before starting any business activity anywhere might land you in tricky situation afterwards.

Lawyers know everything:-

A normal individual doesn’t pay attention to small things. But a lawyer has his sights everywhere. A lawyer brings to the knowledge of the court if some evidence is obtained against a person is obtained illegally or the statements of the witness contradict each other. Were the evidences handled properly or were tempered? A lawyer keeps minute things in mind as well.

Because you are not sure about pleading:-

Even if any evidence is against you and the balance tilts away from you, an expert attorney who has the knowledge of law can explain and put forward appropriate options. Law expert in this situation can help avoid serious penalties before the criminal court trial starts.

Handling of documents:-

Handling and proper understanding of court documents can be a struggling job for you if you don’t have the knowledge of law. Advocates in Dubai being the custodians of law understand the protocol of documents and know how to properly fill them. The court deadlines are very important. Any late or incorrect entry could put you off course and you may face penalties or delay in the procedure.

Why Do You Need An Advocates And When?

The countries and cities have their own distinct sets of rules and regulations, which set them apart from the rest of the world. Legal framework of the region is the true reflection of their cultural and moral preferences, as well as it depicts the social acceptability or rejection of certain matters or tasks. It is formulated by the approval or the consensus of the masses, therefore, it gives a somewhat close picture of believe and moral system of the majority of people of that particular society. It is for this reason that the legislations in every part of the world is independent and the supreme body, in comparison with all the other norms or domains of life.  

Dubai Lawyers

There are certain areas in the world like Dubai, where the law is quite a lot different than in the other regions and has a major impact of the religion on it. There are many instances and there are many reasons as to why you should have legal help from the professionals in order to let the work and life going smooth. Here are some of those examples and roles where Dubai lawyers can help: 

  1. Rules can be quite complex to understand and intricate to follow and then failure to follow any rule can result in having legal trouble, punishments and penalties. You may even be summoned in the court or get legal notification by the state, and it can happen from the beginning of your business to anywhere in the middle. This is why it is wise to get assistance from Dubai lawyers not after but before the arousal of a problem as they can help prevent the legal troubles, before they can even surface.
  2. Many a times people think that they can save money by not hiring an attorney, but in fact having a solicitor can actually help you save a lot of money and stress, as they can identify and resolve the problems before time. And have the skills to defend you properly when the need arise. They have the keen eye for many small problems, solutions, evidences and loopholes that an ordinary man might now be able to see. Thus they can help in a great number of ways to take the client out of the legal challenges or problems without them having to worry.

Solve Your Legal Issues Professionally!

While operating or residing in cities like Dubai with little or no knowledge about the local law, one may be vulnerable to law breaching activities that may most of the time be unintentional. For example, if you are not a native operator, but running a venture in Dubai, you may carry out some tasks or operations that may help your business to a great extent as far as the business targets are concerned, however some or all of them may fall in the law breaching zone and may trigger a legal action against you. You may be certain that you have done nothing wrong and it may require some justification from your end in order to convince the local legal authorities.

Advocates in Dubai

But because you are not a native resident and have come from abroad to perform in the highly promising markets of Dubai, you may not realize and may not find it easy to understand Dubai law framework and structure. This may amplify the chances of you come across situations that may not be very much in favor of you. This is where you will feel the need of expert advocates in Dubai so as to ensure that they fight your case for you and may bring things back to normal and controlled situations.

Hiring these legal professionals in Dubai markets may not be treated by you on a lighter note, because it will not be a one day or one time activity. You must ensure that you are backed with such services always, so that situation can be rescued by these specialists for you in a highly professional manner in order to allow you to focus on your business and personal life.

You must look for the following qualities in them:

  • Commitment
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Attention to details
  • Affordability
  • Expressive nature
  • Strong argumentative nature
  • Vast experience
  • Excellent feedback from past and existing clientele

All of the above shall be kept in mind by you while meeting the different advocates in Dubai so as to understand and know more about their approach toward work and professionalism levels. A lawyer with little knowledge or poor commitment may make the task of obtaining justice very difficult and impossible. You will be asking for trouble if the lawyer hired by you is not among those who possesses are strong grip on the legal system of Dubai. You must ensure that you make one of the perfect of choices and put your case in the right passion before the courts of law in Dubai.


Be The First Kind Of Person

There are two types of people: those who go for car refuel the moment they see the fuel meter read half empty and those who belief that it is OK till it comes very near to full empty. I personally believe that the first kinds are in more advantage and filing up your fuel tank with petrol before you run out of it almost is smarter than the latter option.

In the same way, there are businessmen who hire a lawyer before time and then there are businessmen who consult a lawyer only after something goes wrong. I still believe that the first ones are in more advantage than the latter types.

Dubai Lawyers

Today, no matter how big or small, almost every business requires legal advice. Hiring a lawyer before any issue arises is the smartest idea. It does incur cost, but only to save you from bigger loses. There are so many concerns that need to be addressed during the initial stages be it setting up of a business or filing for a divorce.

You would need legal advice on your business proceedings because certain routine actions can impose harmful upshots. It would be in your favor if you hire Dubai lawyers before anything goes wrong. Your relation with your advocate would gradually build and both parties would be able to better understand each other point of views with the passage of time.

You would be aware of the exact timings when your lawyer would be available, at what day of the week and what time of the day

If you are in a long-term relationship with your defender, your lawyer would be able to defend you better as he would know your business history from the scratch. On the other hand, the elongated partnership in between you and the lawyer would certainly take a friendly turn only for good and in times of crises, your advocate would put you first and would be more interested in defending you.

There are a number of options when you decide to be in the first type of people and choose one from a number of Dubai lawyers. By making the pro-active approach, you would have an ample amount of time to search for the best lawyer. Here are my two cents: go to a lawyer who is specialized in your field of interest, has clear records and doesn’t charge you big time.


Legitimate Solutions Always!

There are two ways to deal with a problem or a situation, fair and unfair. If one falls for the unfair one he/she in rare cases may get success but that would not be a lasting one and he/she may get trapped in the middle of nowhere, when caught. In most of the third world countries using unfair means may work because one may use unethical options like bribing some and getting things done. In first place, I am totally against such approaches no matter which part of the world one is operating. One must thing for a while that at times we as humans become so mean that the amount and hassle we are trying to save is not worth a bribe and denting our character. We are humans and we must prove it by using the right channels and behaving like human.

Dubai Law

In developed countries where the legal frameworks are rigid, things may fall in the greyest of zones if one fails to comply with the legal obligations, intentionally or unintentionally. If one is operating in complex and rigid cities like Dubai where law is very strict, then one must ensure that he has got a strong grip on all the legal obligations. Because second chance is something that is not available on offer in Dubai law mechanism, therefore whether you are a business owner, a tourist or a foreigner who has chosen Dubai for the sake of residence then you must understand Dubai’s legal framework.

It may not be easy for sure, especially if one is not used to or familiar with the native language of Dubai that is Arabic, plus if one is a business owner then one may be time bound and may have not spare time to go through the legal obligations and understand the law  of Dubai. In such circumstances, one may consider the idea of getting in touch with professional lawyers and practitioners that are specialist and have been actively performing in this domain.

They will work closely with you and will provide you with a strong cover by meeting all the legal expectations and guiding you at the same time so that you know exactly what is it that they are doing. They don’t prefer keeping you in the dark and appreciate your involvement in each and every phase which to me is a perfect approach because you learn this way and within no time you become familiar with all the critical legal obligations that must be followed. Dubai law may not be perceived wrongly by one, it is difficult but at the same time fair as well, being a metropolis Dubai can be vulnerable to many threats like fraud, terrorism etc. therefore a strict law has been set in place by the concerned authorities so as to ensure that all those that are associated with Dubai can operate in safe and secure environments.